About ME

My name is Toyin Oyebade Ayodeji. I am the founder and owner of Total Wellness Divinely.  My Wellness journey started after a diagnosis of follicular Ovarian cyst and symptoms of blood clot.
I was prescribed aspirin which I took for almost 6 months with no improvement whatsoever to the symptoms. I was still in so much pain with other complications.
I made up my mind after the seventh month of taking the medications that I will have to do something different because I don’t want to continue the way I was going.
I started researching about the alternatives to medicine and natural ways of healing myself.
From my research I found out that my symptoms are as a result of my lifestyle in relation to foods, products that I was using on my skin , lack of exercise and much more.
I changed my lifestyle, heal myself with God’s healing foods.

 My passion is to educate and share my experience with other people in the world on how to stay healthy using natural remedies .

Total Wellness Divinely is a healthy lifestyle brand with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

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