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Plantain Spinach

  • Instruction:

  • Boil one unripe plantain until soft

  • Cut into slices

  • Blend the tomatoes ,bell pepper ,Scottish bonnet ,onion .

  • Heat grapeseed oil in  a pan .

  • Add the blended paste .

  • Cook for few minutes .

  • Add the mackerel and add salt to taste


Yam porridge with steamed vegetables

  • Ingredients:

  • Yam, bell pepper, chilies onion, palm oil, salt.


  • Instruction:

  • Cut the yam into cubes, 

  • Blend the bell pepper,onion, chilies.

  • Place the yam in a pan add the blended paste over the yam, 2tbs of Palm oil.

  • Bring to boiling until the yam gets soft.

  • Steam the vegetables of choice.

  • Serve and enjoy.

Chickenpeas pancakes

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  • Ingredients: Bell pepper, onions, chickpeas flour , Scottish bonnet (Chilli pepper) and grapeseed .

  • Instructions: Blend the bell pepper, onions and chilli pepper until smooth.

  • Add chickpeas flour into the the blender, blend  for a while and get ready to pan fry.

  • Add 2 spoons of grapeseed oil into a skillet ,flat fry and enjoy.



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amaranth & spicy kale sauce

Raw Foods